The Ultimate Panfish League - - 2003-2020

League Fees:

  • $250 per team

- Only 30 teams per season.

- Current season teams have first shot at keeping their spot for the following season.

- If spots open up, any additional registration will start on June 1 for the following season.

- Your spot is only solidified when your entry fee is received by the UPL. It's a first-come, first-
serve in regards to who pays.

- No refunds if you don't show for an event and don't inform the UPL at least 1 week prior to
the event. That gives the UPL enough time to contact an alternate.

- Feel free to contact the UPL with any questions by using the "Contact the UPL" link to the


2020/2021 Season is FULL - Thanks for all the support!!

- Register via E-mail to pay with check or cash...

When registering via e-mail, please include...
- Both yours and your teammate's full names
- Email addresses for both team members (this is the main form of communication between
the league director and the members throughout the season)
- Phone numbers for both team members (cell numbers preferred in case the league
director needs to get a hold of anyone out on the ice)
- Name of your team Captain

***After registering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation ASAP to finalize everything.

Thank You!

Matt Johnson
The Ultimate Panfish League
Register for the UPL