The Ultimate Panfish League - - 2003-2019


- Format

  • Team events (2 anglers per team, although you may first alone if you choose)
  • Max. of 30 teams per event
  • 4 Ice Fishing Events
  • All events will be on Sunday.
  • Pre-fishing is allowed up until 11:59pm the day before the event.
  • No pre-drilling holes or setting up on a spot the morning of the event.

- Times (6 hour events)

  • Ice Fishing Events: 8am - 2pm (Weigh-in at 2pm)
  • If you've pre-registered and you're late for take-off (and you let a league official know that
    you'll be late), then you only lose that time for fishing. But, if you have not pre-registered,
    then you won't be able to compete in the event if you're late. You MUST still check-in with a
    league official before fishing.

- Weigh-in

  • Both team members must be present at weigh-in (unless something comes up and
    league officials are notified)
  • Any late teams will be penalized (every minute late will result in a 0.1 pound reduction from
    your total weight. If you're more than 15 minutes late than you're disqualified)
  • Dead-fish penalty will be based on over-all participant observation. If it appears that the fish
    were caught prior to the event (i.e.: frozen fish from the day before, obvious over-
    discoloration, etc), then that team will be immediately disqualified with-out reimbursement.

- Limits (15 fish total limit per team) which includes...

  • 7 Crappies (per team)
  • 7 Sunfish (per team)
  • One bonus fish of either a Crappie or Sunfish to give you a 15 fish total but only after 7
    Sunfish and 7 Crappies are in your weigh bucket. No more than 8 fish of one species can
    be weighed in.
  • Minimum Size Limits: Crappie = 8 inches, Sunfish = 7 inches
  • Culling is allowed (However, if you're caught throwing back dead fish your team will be
    disqualified, no exceptions)
  • You may keep a full limit of crappie and sunfish if you would like to take fish home for a
    meal or whatnot, that is fine, but MN regulations still apply though and it's still a 15 fish limit
    for the event
  • All special regulations regarding size limits for the particular body of water must be followed
    at all times

- Morning Takeoff

  • Morning takeoff will consist of 4 flights - 2 flights of 7 teams and 2 flights of 8 teams. There
    will no longer be a free-for-all shotgun start. Flights/teams will be drawn the Wednesday
    prior to the event and emailed to the team captain that evening.
  • Each flight will be given a number 1-4 prior to the first event. That number will be there take-
    off number for the first event. Then for the remaining three events it will just shuffle one
    place for who goes first, still staying the same order but having a new flight go first...
        - 1st Event Order: 1, 2, 3, 4
        - 2nd Event Order: 2, 3, 4, 1
        - 3rd Event Order: 3, 4, 1, 2
        - 4th Event Order: 4, 1, 2, 3

- Scoring

  • The scoring system will be based on weight.
  • 7.86 pounds = 7.86 points.
  • If a team weighs nothing, then they will receive 0 points.
  • Heaviest total weight wins each event (Crappie and Sunfish weighed all together)
  • Tie breaker: which ever team has the largest crappie (weight) will win the tie breaker, and if
    that's still a tie then it will go to the largest sunfish, and after that it's a coin toss.

- Fishable Waters and Transportation

  • Any fishable water available by safe ice is acceptable. No going on land unless notified
    before event. (Emergencies are exceptions)
  • Events may have restrictions based on ice conditions and certain bodies of water. Any
    restrictions will be noted well in advance. Safety comes first.
  • Only the use of an ATV or snowmobile is allowed. No trucks or cars are allowed during the
    day of competition. The use of trucks and cars is allowed for pre-fishing.

- Distance Constraints

  • Teams must respect other teams. No fishing within 20 yards of another team will be
    allowed unless invited by said team to do so. Non-league anglers and fish houses must
    also be respected at all times.
  • During events, team members must remain within 100 feet of each other.

- Pay-outs are on an individual event basis. No over-all season standings pay-out.

- 100% Pay-Out per event, based on fees going towards the events

- Pay-out by placing (Top 5 places will receive a cash prize):

  • 1st Place = $500.00
  • 2nd Place = $350.00
  • 3rd Place = $250.00
  • 4th Place = $150.00
  • 5th Place = $100.00
Season Points Winner - League Champion
This award goes to the team that has earned the most points throughout of the season. This will
not be a cash or product award, but rather the team members will each receive a "League
Champions" plaque and their entry fee will be covered for the following season.

Points awarded goes as follows:

Total weight per team, per event is transferred to points.  So 7.86 pounds = 7.86 points. Each
team's points are added up throughout the four events and the most points at the end of the
season is the League Champion. 2nd most points is 2nd, and so on.

***If a team has different partners for different events then only the team captain of each team will
receive the points. So, if the team members of a certain team split up and fish on different teams
at a later event then only the team captain will receive the points, not both anglers. When final
standings occur then it comes down to the amount of points each team captain has, and then the
partner who they fished the most events with will be listed as their partner in the final year-end

If two or more teams end up tied for final season points, then it goes to which team has largest
overall crappie weighed in during the season. And if it's still tied after that, then it's the largest
sunfish. And if it's still tied then it goes to a coin toss.