The Ultimate Panfish League - - 2003-2020
Chad Clemens/Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson:
Birth Date: February 18, 1988
Home Town:
Tampa, FL
Fun Comments:

Although he was born in Tampa, Florida,
Tyler has a passion for fishing Minnesota
lakes and not the ocean. Tyler moved to
Minnesota at a young age and began fishing
at his grandmas cabin in Pine River and took
annual trips to the boundary waters with his
dad. His passion for ice fishing grew as he
fished Lake Waconia frequently. He taught
himself how to find fish and learned different
techniques while trying to avoid the massive
crowds Lake Waconia is known for these
days. Tyler now resides in Chaska, MN and
hunts waterfowl nearly everyday in the Fall.
Career UPL Earnings: (since 2018)  

Notable Events:
1st Place - Coon Lake - 1/5/20
Big Crappie - Coon Lake - 1/5/20
Chad Clemens:
Birth Date: April 18, 1988
Home Town:
West St. Paul, MN
Fun Comments:

Chad always had a knack for fishing, from the
local lakes here in the metro to the remote
lakes far into Canada. It wasn’t until his early-
twenties he really got into ice fishing, and it
didn’t take long for him to obtain an
assortment of custom rods, new shacks, and
enough tackle to impress any fisherman. He
has mastered techniques and learned the
sport while trying to find the good bite on local
lakes in the Twin Cities. While fishing with his
friends he always catches “the big one”, and
usually with a lure no one has ever seen.  
Chad now lives in Chaska, MN.  His
summers are spent at the family cabin in
Annandale or traveling the country following
the Minnesota Twins, hunting deer and
waterfowl during the fall, turkey in the spring,
and any extra time is spent with his family and