The Ultimate Panfish League - - 2003-2019
Chris Lafean/Jake Morris
Chris Lafean
Birth Date: 2/2/87
Home Town: Coon Rapids, MN
Fun Comments: I have been fishing open
water since I could walk. As a kid, I would
spend countless hours casting off the dock at
the cabin in the Brainerd Lakes Area. My
introduction to ice fishing occurred several
years later with my dad and uncles on Lake
Minnetonka fishing rattle reels and tip ups for
Northern Pike and my passion for ice fishing
definitely grew during my time in college at
Bemidji State University.

I spend the open water season chasing bass
and panfish. Winters are spent targeting
mainly crappies and sunfish with the
occasional game fish (especially bass) trip
mixed in.

The thing I enjoy most about the UPL is going
out to new lakes and trying to put together all
the pieces of the puzzle in order to bring in a
solid bag of fish to the weigh-in.
Career UPL Earnings: (since 2018)  

Notable Events:
5th Place - Lake Sarah - 1/27/19
5th Place - East Rush Lake - 3/3/19
Jake Morris
Birth Date:
Home Town:
Fun Comments: